Giving Back

Giving Back

Equity Vision Consulting is a small organization with a strong ethical foundation and morally just operating procedures. This culture is representative of the experiences and values of the owner, Julie Pehar. This strong ethical foundation has resulted in Equity Vision Consulting giving back in any way it can. Julie and her team volunteer time, resources and expertise in many settings and help create a better future for professionals and clients alike.

Corporate social responsibility is often stereotyped as the donation of money to charitable organizations but in fact it is so much more.

“Shared value companies recognize that there are tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth in tackling social problems as core business objectives. Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success. It is not on the margin of what companies do but at the center.”
Porter, M. & Kramer, M. (2011). How to Fix Capitalism: The Big Idea. Harvard Business Review.

Philanthropic Contribution

Charitable and philanthropic contributions are explicitly the most correlated to corporate social responsibility. Smaller organizations often do not have the resources or funding to engage in large charitable donations. This leads to philanthropic and charitable work often being overlooked in smaller organizations.

Equity Vision Consultants actively donate time and resources to charitable foundations and believe that giving back is as crucial to a vibrant company as acquiring new work. Engaged employees, high retention, group decision making, attention to work-life balance and small community contributions are what characterizes the approach of Equity Vision Consulting.

Charitable donations and volunteerism of Equity Vision Consulting:

• University of Toronto, Mississauga
• McMaster University, Hamilton
• Trillium Gift of Life Network
• KINSA-Kids Internet Safety Alliance
• Make a Wish Foundation
• Peel Newcomer Strategy Group

Internship Possibilities
Providing future industry professionals with practical work experience emphasizes Equity Vision’s commitment to the community and an intense passion for societal issues. Effective internship placements satisfy the explicit needs of the intern and help them to gain practical experience and mentorship that will provide him/her with the necessary tools to succeed at the professional level. Equity Vision has successfully integrated numerous interns into their professional fields through job shadowing, project management, writing, focus group design and social media design and application.

Past Internships supported by Equity Vision Consulting:
• University of Toronto
• Mohawk College

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